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internsteachWe are excited that you have come to join us here at If you have come to find us here on this page, you have noticed that the journey of horsemanship can be a very challenging one at times.  

That is why we are here for you.

 To help make this journey a little easier and a lot more fun

Over the last two decades we have worked very hard to develop a method that offers a variety of programs to help both you and your horse.
The following are some of the programs that we offer.


You can come to a clinic with your horse for hands on instruction. If you are unable to bring your horse you can watch the action as a spectator. We offer two day, three day, and four day clinics. There is a local clinic host for each clinic who can answer all your questions. Check out the locations in our tour schedule. Registration forms can be filled out online or printed out. Clinic prices can be found by clicking the link below and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

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At The School of Horse we offer the following 4 programs.


Come join us at Horse Creek Ranch for a complete immersion into horsemanship. These fun and educational camps are a learning event of a lifetime. Horse Creek Ranch will be your home for at least 5 days as Steve leads you to a higher level of understanding and communication with your horse. The things that you learn during your stay at the ranch will permanently change the way that you handle horses, in a positive way. This is a small group atmosphere that will insure lots of personal instruction from Steve.

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Send your horse to Horse Creek Ranch for a month and have a lesson with your horse on pick up day. Or for the ultimate in cross training, join us for an entire week with your “new” horse. To make sure you both get started off on the right track. Your horse will become part of the ranch: ridden out on thousands of acres, getting gates, crossing creeks, working cattle, along with specific issues you would like worked on (i.e. arena work, trailer loading, herd bound behavior, etc.). This has been a very successful program for horses of all breeds and disciplines.

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Are you ready for a more serious commitment to your horsemanship journey.  Join us for the entire month at Horse Creek Ranch, but without the tough demands of the Internship.  This program is perfect for those wanting to commit more time, but don't have the goal of becoming a professional in the industry.  Kick back and learn at your own pace for the month.

Learn More About The Experience



Would you like to learn how to excel with horses? Do you have goals of becoming a professional in the horse industry? Do you want to learn the business and training techniques from the ground up? Do you need to know how the horse really thinks? Would you like to know how to train any horse?

This internship is a exciting opportunity to develop yourself and your skills. Years ago Steve started this business from scratch. He traveled the country in search of information, in order to become a better horseman. These travels took him to many places around the country. This was an adventurous process, although long and tedious. This apprenticeship is an opportunity to gain this knowledge and experience in a much shorter and more efficient time period.

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Steve offers an extensive library of DVDs for in-home study, to help support you when you are not at a clinic or at The School of Horse.

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Are you looking for more detail and structure in your horsemanship journey?
We are now offering a levels program to help you keep track of your progress and give you goals to reach for.  The levels program is divided into three levels.

Learn More About The Levels Program